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Learn about how our solar thermal products can be used to add environmentally friendly energy to virtually any mechanical system. Read more...

Installation training

Hands on training with our product ensures that installers and contractors have the experience necessary to implement a quality thermal solar system. Read more...

The Sol Source Approach

We design and provide efficient and intelligent thermal solar heating systems. Our sales and support extends from the initial planning phases to the implementation and commissioning of a project.

We strive for excellence in:

  • Design
  • Product Quality
  • Complete System Packaging
  • Locally based Logistical Support
  • Training and Education

Our commitment to quality extends through to our educational and training programs. Training is available for mechanical professionals which includes both classroom and hands-on equipment experience.

We also provide non-technical presentations designed as a general introduction to alternative energy solutions.

These hour long presentations can be scheduled at either our training facility or at large upon request. For more information regarding training/education click here.

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Solar Hot Water Heating Solutions

Many people already know that solar thermal technology can help them save on water heating costs. Let us help you paint a clear picture to illustrate exactly what costs and savings you can expect: about our company | our products and services | how it works | quotes and pricing | contact a representative

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